Wednesday, 28 April 2010


One thing I have done this year is work in the studio.
This project is simply about creating images that could be considered 'Dynamic' and 'Sinister'.
First thing I did was look up those words.

In this first photograph I just tried to convey a clean cut and energetic look. I was inspired by Sam Taylor Wood's photography (Kick Ass Aaron Johnson's fiance!). Used a large lightbox and beauty dish to get even lighting and angled the beauty dish slightly to the left to create the slight shadow behind her. I don't really know what I'm doing with the lighting, but it's fun to mess around and see what you can create :)

This 'sinister' image was inspired by today's youth culture. The intimidating way some (not all!) young people are trying to convey themselves these days; especially the way they use their hoods to hide/disguise their identity. Pretty much thought of this whilst watching Harry Brown. Good film.
For this image I used a small lightbox, dimly lit and the 'snoot' (ha!) which was positioned above him
pointing down to create the shadow on his face.

The moody facial expression = real. It was like 9am.

Anyway, in between waiting for models to arrive, we had some fun
with the beasty tripod they had in there and self timer..

Rose x

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  1. the first image is fit, lovely and clean cut x