Sunday, 2 May 2010

Took a trip to a park near where I live yesterday. Turned in to quite a trekk;
the park is massive, then we found Preston football ground (which really is not that interesting) and walked back a different way when it started raining which turned in our favour because we went in this amazing ice cream parlour which had all 60's stools and mirrors everywhere!
Its called Milkylane if you want to google it :)
Anyway here are a few pictures. Preston isn't that interesting for photographs so..

Here we are in Milkylane. My boyfriend had a chocolate explosion - which looked a m a z i n g - and I had something called Rainbow, which you can't see there was actually all different colours and had smarties in it. Beautiful ♥

A little bit of a short post, I'll do another one later.
Rose x

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